Pronunciation Mistakes

When it comes to learning to speak a new language, pronunciation mistakes are something that one cannot avoid. यह ज़रूरी नहीं की केवल unusual और डरावने दिखने वाले words के उच्चारण में गलती हो। At times, बहुत ही common व रोज़ाना बातचीत में use होने वाले शब्दों को भी हम गलत pronounce कर बैठते हैं। Well, let's try to get rid of some most common pronunciation mistakes that we all do, and almost every day. WEDNESDAY Wednesday pronounce करते समय spelling में present letter 'd' को silent माना जाता है। Incorrect वेडनसडे Correct    वेन्ज़्डे JEWELLERY People love to wear it but often do a mistake with its pronunciation. Incorrect ज्वेलरी Correct    जू-अल्-री or जूलरी TRIO शब्द का अर्थ है तिकड़ी यानि a set or group of three people or things. People tend to pronounce the 'tri' part here similar to the word TRY, which is wrong. TRIO शब्द में 'tri' का उच्चारण tree - ट्री के समान होता है न की try - टॉय/ट्राइ के समान Incorrect ट्राइओ Correct    ट्रीओ ITINERARY Well, I won't blame you for this one. The different pronunciation of the two I's in the spelling causes all the confusion. Always remember, First I (the one before t) is pronounced as eye - आइ Second I (the one after t) is pronounced as E - ई Incorrect  ईटिनररी Correct    आइ-टिन-अ-ररी GENUINE It looks simple but often mispronounced. लोग अक्सर genuine के उच्चारण में 'व' का use करते हैं जो की सही नहीं है। Incorrect  जेन्विन   Correct    जेन्-यू-इन CABIN People often mispronounce the 'a' in the cabin. Incorrect  केबिन Correct    कैबिन BOWL No people, it's not 'baa-ul' BOWL शब्द में 'bow' का उच्चारण बाउ नहीं बो (as in a bow-tie) किया जाता है। Incorrect  बाउल Correct     बोल MOJITO Well, this one's another most common culinary pronunciation blunder. Incorrect गक्की Correct     म-ही-टो or मो-इ-तो ETC ETC or etc. is an abbreviation for et cetera which means 'and other similar things' ( आदि/ इत्यादि/ वगैरह) Incorrect  एट्-सेक्टरा Correct    इट्-सेटर-अ or एट्-सेटर-अ Click to read our other pronunciation blogs: Common Pronunciation Errors Hard to Pronounce English Words Pronounce Foreign Language Phrases LIKE A PRO


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