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Dinadarshikaa is a calendar application that gives you Panchang (Five Angas) of Indian Calendar System with panchang suddhi for any chosen date and selected/entered location. There is no time limit and it can be used as an English Calendar. It does not require any Internet / Network connectivity and can be assessed anywhere. It supports both Hindi and English languages. One can obtain better accuracy through entry of location information (latitude/longitude and time zone).
One can also use it to find a good mahurat during the day. MAHURAT is decided by combining day, tithi, and nakshtra. Look at Tithi, and Nakshtra options in Panchang screen and look for operational yogs during the day. If operating Yogs are Auspicious, the day is considers favorable to initiate important tasks/activities. Optionally, favorable Yoga and Karan can also be considered using panchang option.
• Provides information of Sun Rise & Set Time, Moon Rise & Set Time, Noon Time, Day Length, Night Lengt...



By A Google User

Excellent app I very much like this app. Nicely executed with a good UI. Very responsive developer, who will add relevant features if asked. He implemented Panchaka, Tarabala and Chandrabala quickly and well at my request to make the app even better. A 5

By A Google User

Very usefull In English,very clear the main screen and easy to use but will all the content of a best Pancang,location for all over the world.No comparition with other 2 programs I tried free but not with all needed information as this one!please keep upd

By A Google User

Great application!! Fantastic effort by Sunil. Great application!! Fantastic effort by Sunil.Very accurate. Recommended to everyone who wants to know the proper times as per Indian wisdom. The new version is even better since the current Chogadia is hig

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