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Kumar is a Product Manager, passionate about technology and innovation. Having a background of management and IT, he also loves to lead people with his easy going interaction. Loves travelling, reading and sports which make him upto date always.


Director, Business

Tea, music and coding is the terrific combination and they are the only passion for me. Playing a role of Android Developer, I always think of writing better and better codes. I never get free time as my mind is always working to find out new codes.


Android Developer

Neetesh is interactive coder with cross sector knowledge of java and back-end technologies. He loves coding, solving puzzles and playing games. He likes to explore new technologies.


Back-End Developer

Having experience as an Android UI developer, my mind is always fill with the ideas of making things realistically beautiful as well as functional. My aim is clear and straight just like my codes to make things beautiful.


Android Developer

Hi, I am Prity, very passionate for every creative activities. As a Designer, I love to create such things that people love. That is my primary goal.


UI/UX Designer

Joney is a IT Postgraduate from IIITM Gwalior. He has been delving into the world of DevOps with cross sector knowledge of rich user interface and loves learning, innovation, and making things more efficient.


Web Developer

I am a Software tester and I love finding bugs whether it is in the life or in software. Finding an obscure bug gives me a great thrill. I am a challenger, always challenges myself to find error for any new product till it reaches the level of perfectness.


Quality Analyst

Being in teaching field almost for 10 years, I love teaching whether it is in the classroom or online. Teaching for me is not only a profession but a passion. Reading and listening music give me immense pleasure.


Content Writer

I am Mohit Chaurasia, work as a content writer. I love to contribute content in India's largest online dictionary. My hobby is reading, I love to read story books, newspaper and biography.


Content Writer

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Mousami Meena

Mousami taken initial education in rural rajasthan. She was always interested in solving language problem for students coming from rural background. Mousami was instrumental in idea of Hinkhoj and contributed in initial products designs. Now she helps in hiring and general people management for Hinkhoj.

Bharat Lal Meena

Bharat Lal have his educational roots in rural hindi medium schools and colleges in Rajasthan and then gathered rich experience in communication and correspondence in hindi language while he worked in central government. He is connected to the needs of hindi medium students like no one else. At Hinkhoj, he helps us keep track of our vision, supervise content and handles general management.